We Visited Family and I Learned to be a Lap Dog!

After we visited that big hole in the ground and Mommy wouldn’t let me have my stick, we drove and drove some more.  There was snow falling out of the sky so it was cold!  I was glad to snuggle into my little bed and let Mommy and Auntie Debbie drive the House-that-comes-with-us-in-the-car.  We drove to a city with lots and lots of cars and trucks on the road with us!  It wasn’t snowing when we got to the city.  It was warm again!  I was really happy to be where it was still summer.

This is the view from our Camping Spot!

The maps on Mommy’s phone got us lost again but we finally found the camping place where Mommy’s brother had found a spot for us to stay.  It is called Usery Park and it was beautiful, but the trees had lots of stickers on them!  Mommy said that they were called Cactus!  They were big!  Mommy said that I had to be careful when I was walking around because there are scorpions and rattlesnakes!  I don’t know what those are, but Mommy said they would make me really sick if I get stung or bit by one of them.  So I was really careful and listened to Mommy when she said to stay by her!

Those trees look weird! I walked on that path and peed on that sticker-y bush!

After we got settled into our camping spot, Uncle Lyle came to get us in his car.  It is just a regular car without a house in it.  He drove us to his house and I got to see Susie and Maria again!  They are Mommy’s nieces and they came to visit us at our Old House!  I like them and was happy to see them again.  I also got to meet my Auntie Karin!  She is also really nice!  We spent lots of days visiting them and they even came to our camping spot for dinner and a campfire one of the nights.  They have a Kitty!  I have never seen a Kitty before but Mommy said I have to learn to Get Along with Kitties!  I don’t know why but I will try!  That Kitty made lots of funny noises.  

Uncle Lyle took us to a Park and we got to see some Birds! This one is very big!

Uncle Lyle and Auntie Karin also have a little dog named Sammy!  She is really cute but she was scared of me a little bit.  I tried hard to Be Nice to her.  She told me that you can Sit On your Mommy’s Lap!  I have sat beside Mommy and I have sat on her feet but I did not know that you can Sit ON your Mommy!  Sammy does it all the time and she says it is Very Comfy!  I tried it and I LIKE IT!  I will try to sit on my Mommy’s lap a lot!  Mommy says it is not Comfy for her, but she will let me Sometimes!

I watched carefully while Uncle Lyle fixed my toy!

Uncle Lyle gave me a toy but I accidently bit his head off!  Uncle Lyle fixed it for me!  He is very nice.  Mommy said we will come visit this part of our family again! 

We Went to the Grand Canyon!


Mommy and Auntie Debbie and I went to someplace called The Grand Canyon.  It was a giant Hole in the Ground.  The dog who dug that hole must have been HUGE!  I wished I could dig a hole that big!  Mommy won’t let me dig holes.  I try to dig holes but she fills them in!

The Grand Canyon was really pretty but it was so cold!  It was freezing and I had to wear my coat because I was Shivering!  We stopped at a campground near there and spent the night.  I was so cold that I climbed under Mommy’s covers.  She turned the heater on in the House-that-Comes-With-Us-in-the-Car!  There was a really fun doggy park there and I got to play with some toys but it was too cold to play outside for very long.

It was so cold that Auntie Debbie was all bundled up!

The next day, we drove up a really big hill and it was windy!  Mommy said it was hard to keep the House-that-Comes-With-Us-in-the-Car on the road.  After we drove and drove, Mommy took us to the Grand Canyon!  It was fun to walk along the edge of it and look way down!  Auntie Debbie took lots of pictures with her new camera! 

Mommy took this picture with her phone.  She doesn’t have a fancy camera!

I found a stick at the Grand Canyon and I wanted to bring it home with me.  But Mommy said that you can’t take Anything out of a National Park, not even a stick for a little dog!  I think that’s silly but Mommy said that, if I take a stick, and another dog takes a stick, and then another dog does the same thing, pretty soon, there won’t be any sticks left in the park.  Mommy says it’s important to protect the park so that everyone to see how pretty it is!  I guess she’s right.  I left that stick there but I remember it.  Maybe someday I’ll go back and see if it’s still there!


After we left the Grand Canyon and went back to our camping spot, it started to snow!  I did not play in the snow because I do not like to have Cold Feet!

We Slept In A Zoo!

Last night we stayed in a zoo!  It was New Mexico and it is  called the Wildlife West Nature Park.  It’s a special kind of zoo, Mommy said.  They take care of wild animals that can’t live in the wild anymore.  Mommy said that I could not go for a walk with her and Auntie Debbie through the zoo because Dogs are Not Allowed!  But she and Auntie Debbie went for a walk and saw all the animals and told me all about them! 

Mommy said that the animals in this zoo are Rescued!  I am Rescued so I know what that means.  That means that they were Not Safe and now they have a Safe Home to live in!  Some of them are wild animals that people tried to make into pets.  I like to be a pet because I get spoiled and I get a soft bed and I get lots of good food, but I don’t think coyotes and foxes and hawks are supposed to be pets!  They are supposed to be Wild and Free!

This Coyote got TOO CLOSE to my Mommy, even if he was in a cage!

 Mommy said that the coyotes were really cute and friendly.  They came right up to the fence beside Mommy and Auntie Debbie.  I don’t think that is a Good Thing!  I don’t like Wild Animals right next to my Mommy!  The Zoo Lady said that the Coyotes were very Tame.   I don’t know if we would be friends, though! 

I’m glad this naughty bear has a safe place to live!

There was a bear at the zoo who has lived there for a Long Time!  When he was young, he kept getting into houseboats and the police were going to Put Him Down!  I don’t think that’s a good thing.  Mommy said that the zoo let him come live there so he could keep living but not get in Trouble!  I think that’s Good! 

This does not look comfortable to me!

There were some foxes at the zoo that like to sleep in trees!  I think that is Very Weird!  I like to sleep in my comfortable bed, not in a tree!  I would not like to have to climb a tree and balance on a branch in order to sleep, but I guess those foxes like it! 

Climbing a tree to find a bed? I’m glad I’m not a brown fox!

Mommy said that there were some very beautiful birds at the zoo.  Some of them used to be wild but people shot them!   I think that is Horrible!  But the Nice People at the zoo made them better and let them live at the zoo, even though they cannot fly anymore! 

This beautiful peregrine falcon lives at the zoo because she got hurt and couldn’t live in the wild anymore.

I like the people at this zoo!  I think that they are Wonderful because they take care of Animals who cannot be Wild anymore!  (And they let us sleep in their parking lot in the House-that-Comes-With-Us-In-The-Car!)


I Saw Giant Hairy Cows!

Today we drove part of the time in Oklahoma and part of the time in Texas!  We drove on the bumpy road again and the House-that-comes-with-us-in-the-Car shook and shook!  Mommy said it was okay but I didn’t like it.  We stopped at a place and Mommy had breakfast with a friend from when she was in the Army.  I liked her.  Baron had told me about her.  She used to come visit when Mommy and Baron and Copper lived in Kansas.  That was a long time ago!

This is me with the Giant Stick I found in Arkansas! I like Rest Stops!

Oklahoma is very long.  We drove and drove in Oklahoma.  There are no Rest Stops on the highway there so I didn’t like it very much.  I like Rest Stops because Mommy lets me sniff and sniff and takes me for long walks.  We did stop in one place, though, that I thought was very interesting.  I found some Very Giant Cows! 

Mommy said this Giant Hairy Cow is a Buffalo!

They were so big and hairy!  Mommy said that they were Buffalo and that there used to be millions of them.  I only saw two real ones and two fake ones.  I told the real ones that, if they got loose from their pasture, I would herd them back in because I am a Cattle Dog and they look like Cattle to me!  They just looked at me!  I don’t think they understood Barking. 

This is a fake Buffalo! I did not need to herd him!

After we saw the Buffalo, Mommy drove and drove again!  Then we got to Texas!  Mommy said Texas is Very, Very Big but we only saw a little bit of it.  We are going to spend the night in Amarillo.   After we got a little bit lost, Mommy and Auntie Debbie found the place where we are going to spend the night.  It is a beautiful place on the edge of a canyon. 

This is the place where we spent the night. It is on the edge of Palo Duro Canyon. It was very beautiful!

I sniffed and sniffed at that place.  After we went to bed, it rained and rained very hard.  Mommy said it was a storm but that the House-that-comes-with-us-in-the-Car will keep us safe. 

I’m a Travelling Dog!

Mommy said we did not have internet for a long time so I couldn’t send out my blog!  I wrote it anyway so I will get caught up very soon! 

Mommy says I can’t call the New House, the New House anymore.  She says it is just Our House.  I’m going to call it the House-that-comes-with-us-in-the-Car, because that is what it does!  It is really weird to have your house come with you in your car but sometimes it’s good.  My bed and my dish are right there with me!  I can lay right in my bed, in my House-that-comes-with-us-in-the-Car, and look at my Mommy.  I like that.  Auntie Debbie says that now I am a Travelling Dog!  She rubs my head when she says that so I guess it’s a good thing!

This is me in my little bed! I like to take naps when we are travelling

Yesterday, we went to Little Rock, Arkansas.  Mommy said that a President used to live here!  I did not think that was interesting.  My friend, Haley’s, mom came here once though, so I guess that is interesting.  I did find a little rock and I did pee on it so I have left my mark on Arkansas!  We did not meet anyone interesting or any other dogs at that stopping place.  This morning we drove and drove and drove.  I decided to take a nap because it was boring to be a Travelling Dog, even if I get my ears rubbed!  Then Mommy stopped at a New Place!  It had so many trees!  I sniffed and sniffed all of the trees.  I found a big stick and I carried it all around with me.  It was so much fun!   Auntie Debbie took lots of pictures of me with my stick but she couldn’t get them from her Camera to Mommy’s Computer!


After we went to Arkansas, we went to Oklahoma!  We drove and drove and drove! The roads are kind of bumpy in Oklahoma.  Even bumpier than they are in Arkansas!  Then we drove on the bumpiest road ever!  Everything in the House-that-comes-with-us-in-the-Car was shaking really hard, even me!  I thought that Our House would shake apart!  Mommy did not like driving on that road.  But then we stopped at a really nice place!  There was a dog there, named Cocoa!  He played with me.  I did not bite him because he was so gentle and nice.  His eyes were different colors.  Mommy said he might be from Australia, too!  After I played with Cocoa, I was tired so I went into the House-that-comes-with-us-in-the-Car and I went to sleep. 

This is Mommy’s bed in the House that comes with us in the car! It’s very comfortable.

I Met A Big Dog!

Today’s Adventure was very Interesting.  I was in Nashville and Mommy’s friend, Stephanie came to where the New House was parked and we got to go ride in her car!  We went to her house and there was a Giant Dog there!  His name is Walter and he is the Biggest Dog I have ever seen! 

Mommy said it was best to have a door between me and Walter!

Mommy made me wear my muzzle because she thought I would bite Walter.  I thought Walter was a cow because he was so Big so I tried to herd him around.  He is a puppy still and he could not stop trying to play with me.  I told him “No” and he did not listen so I tried to bite him.  Mommy said it’s a good thing I had my muzzle on because if Walter had bitten back it would have been a Bad Day!  After a little bit, Walter and I ran around and chased and played.  I was very tired when we got back in Stephanie’s car and went back to the New House. 

Walter is Huge! I gave him What For!

Mommy let me stay in my crate (she bought me a special new crate for the New House) and she and Stephanie and Auntie Debbie went someplace called the Grand Ole Opry.  Mommy said that Country Music Stars go there to sing.  I don’t know why Mommy went there.  She can’t sing! 

Mommy and Auntie Debbie went here but I stayed in my crate like a Good Dog!

I met a Nice Man at the New House place.  He is from Australia!  When Mommy told him that I am an Australian Cattle Dog, he gave me lots and lots of Cuddles!  He even gave me a little Koala to clip to my collar!  I love my little Koala but Mommy won’t let me chew on it!  Every time he walked past, the Nice Man would say “Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie” and give me cuddles!  I liked that!

This is me and my Koala that the Nice Man gave me!

Tonight, Mommy and Auntie Debbie did something Surprising!  They built a Fire, on PURPOSE!  I did not like that at all.  Fires are dangerous!  Mommy said that “it’s okay” but I did not believe her!  I stayed far away from the fire.  Mommy said that was being a Good Dog so I think I am right about the fire!

Tomorrow, we are going to drive and drive again!  We are going to a place called Little Rock.  I will find that little rock and I will pee on it!

My New House Moves!

Today, the Adventure started. I climbed up my stairs and got in my new little bed with my Blankie and Mommy put on my Harness.  I hate my Harness.  It hugs me and makes me Calm Down.  I don’t like to Calm Down!  But Mommy said I Have To Wear It because the New House is like going in a car.  Going in a car is fun because I get to go to School and I get to go the see my friend, Dr. Watson.  But Mommy did not tell the Truth!  The New House is not like going in a car!  I sit in a little bed and the Whole House goes with us in the car!  I Do Not Like It!  Today, I sat in my little bed, right behind Mommy while she was driving.  Auntie Debbie is coming with us in the New House that is not like a car.  She would pet my head when I told her I didn’t like it.  She told me I was being a Very Good Boy!  I did not feel like a Very Good Boy!  I felt like a Sad Dog!

I told Auntie Debbie that I did not like the New House!

I decided to take a Nap and maybe I would like the New House better.  When I woke up from my Nap, Mommy opened the door of the New House and we weren’t at Home!  There were all kinds of things to sniff and smell!  I sniffed where Other Dogs had been.  They left some messages and some of them have New Houses that move too!  I didn’t know that Other Dogs had Adventures! 

We got in the New House again and I got in my little bed and Auntie Debbie drove the New House for a little while.  I was unhappy so I held paws with Mommy for a while and then I felt better.

Holding paws with Mommy makes me feel better!

 Mommy has a New Bed in the New House.  It is softer than our old bed so I like it.  I snuggled with Mommy and slept all night long!  Since the New Bed is in the New House, maybe I will like it better now.  We got up Really Early in the morning, which made Auntie Debbie kind of mad!  She doesn’t like to get up early like me and Mommy do!

I am guarding the New House!

We are going to travel some more today and then we will stop someplace called Nashville for two days.  Mommy says we will visit her friend, Stephanie.  I met Stephanie before and I like her.  She has a little dog the same size as me.  I wonder if we will be friends.  I’m not always friendly to Other Dogs but Mommy says I have to Learn to Get Along.  I don’t know what that means but I guess I will figure it out!

The Adventure Begins!

This is Snickers again!  Mommy has been having a hard time and has been very busy so she is going to let me write the blog for the next Month!  It’s going to be a lot of work but I Can Do It!  So, here goes!


I had to think about what I was going to write!

Mommy came home the other day and said that the Adventure is starting!  Then she started to take all of the Stuff out of My House!

The other day, Mommy put me in my favorite crate and went away for a Very Long Time!  Then, she Finally came home!  She came inside and said, “Snickers, the Adventure is about to start.  I finally got our new house.  You wanna go see it?”  When Mommy says, “You wanna go?”  I always do!  So I jumped up and said “Yes, Yes, Yes!”.  Then she put my leash on and we went Outside and she took me to this Giant Box and it was Interesting!  It smelled like Other People and a little bit like Other Dogs.  It has a bed in it and it has a chair and a table and a door.  It is like a House, but it is Smaller than My House and it has wheels like a car.  Mommy was very excited but I didn’t think it was that exciting.  I wanted to go for a Walk!

This is the box that Mommy brought home!

A few days later, Mommy put me in my crate and Started Taking My Stuff out of My House!  She took out the big box that stands beside my Dish that she kept her dishes in.  She took out the Table that sits on the other side of my Dish!  She took a lot of boxes that I liked and I wanted to stay in My House!  She did not take My Dish.  I yelled really loud while she did this!  I Barked and Barked and Barked!  She worked All Day and took so many things out of My House!  Then, on another day, she had Strangers come and take more stuff out of My House!  I was Really Mad!  Every day, Mommy would let me sit in her lap and tell her how mad I was.  She would cuddle me and tell me that Everything Will Be Okay.  She kept saying that we will have an Adventure and that we will have fun Together in our New House. 

I was not happy that Mommy took stuff out of the house!

Every day we would go to our New House and some of our Stuff would be there!  It was starting to smell like My House!  It even had some of my Treats in it!  Mommy let me carry one of my Toys over there and leave it there and I can play with it when I go to the New House. 

I still have my favorite toy, Bluey, so I am going to be Okay!

Now, almost everything is gone from My House!  Lots of things are in the New House and it smells almost right!  I have a Bed that Mommy says is Just For Me!  My Dish and My Crate and My Blankie are still in My House but Mommy says that they are going to the New House in three days and then the Adventure will start! 

I don’t know what an Adventure is but I am Interested!