I Saw Giant Hairy Cows!

Today we drove part of the time in Oklahoma and part of the time in Texas!  We drove on the bumpy road again and the House-that-comes-with-us-in-the-Car shook and shook!  Mommy said it was okay but I didn’t like it.  We stopped at a place and Mommy had breakfast with a friend from when she was in the Army.  I liked her.  Baron had told me about her.  She used to come visit when Mommy and Baron and Copper lived in Kansas.  That was a long time ago!

This is me with the Giant Stick I found in Arkansas! I like Rest Stops!

Oklahoma is very long.  We drove and drove in Oklahoma.  There are no Rest Stops on the highway there so I didn’t like it very much.  I like Rest Stops because Mommy lets me sniff and sniff and takes me for long walks.  We did stop in one place, though, that I thought was very interesting.  I found some Very Giant Cows! 

Mommy said this Giant Hairy Cow is a Buffalo!

They were so big and hairy!  Mommy said that they were Buffalo and that there used to be millions of them.  I only saw two real ones and two fake ones.  I told the real ones that, if they got loose from their pasture, I would herd them back in because I am a Cattle Dog and they look like Cattle to me!  They just looked at me!  I don’t think they understood Barking. 

This is a fake Buffalo! I did not need to herd him!

After we saw the Buffalo, Mommy drove and drove again!  Then we got to Texas!  Mommy said Texas is Very, Very Big but we only saw a little bit of it.  We are going to spend the night in Amarillo.   After we got a little bit lost, Mommy and Auntie Debbie found the place where we are going to spend the night.  It is a beautiful place on the edge of a canyon. 

This is the place where we spent the night. It is on the edge of Palo Duro Canyon. It was very beautiful!

I sniffed and sniffed at that place.  After we went to bed, it rained and rained very hard.  Mommy said it was a storm but that the House-that-comes-with-us-in-the-Car will keep us safe. 

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