My New House Moves!

Today, the Adventure started. I climbed up my stairs and got in my new little bed with my Blankie and Mommy put on my Harness.  I hate my Harness.  It hugs me and makes me Calm Down.  I don’t like to Calm Down!  But Mommy said I Have To Wear It because the New House is like going in a car.  Going in a car is fun because I get to go to School and I get to go the see my friend, Dr. Watson.  But Mommy did not tell the Truth!  The New House is not like going in a car!  I sit in a little bed and the Whole House goes with us in the car!  I Do Not Like It!  Today, I sat in my little bed, right behind Mommy while she was driving.  Auntie Debbie is coming with us in the New House that is not like a car.  She would pet my head when I told her I didn’t like it.  She told me I was being a Very Good Boy!  I did not feel like a Very Good Boy!  I felt like a Sad Dog!

I told Auntie Debbie that I did not like the New House!

I decided to take a Nap and maybe I would like the New House better.  When I woke up from my Nap, Mommy opened the door of the New House and we weren’t at Home!  There were all kinds of things to sniff and smell!  I sniffed where Other Dogs had been.  They left some messages and some of them have New Houses that move too!  I didn’t know that Other Dogs had Adventures! 

We got in the New House again and I got in my little bed and Auntie Debbie drove the New House for a little while.  I was unhappy so I held paws with Mommy for a while and then I felt better.

Holding paws with Mommy makes me feel better!

 Mommy has a New Bed in the New House.  It is softer than our old bed so I like it.  I snuggled with Mommy and slept all night long!  Since the New Bed is in the New House, maybe I will like it better now.  We got up Really Early in the morning, which made Auntie Debbie kind of mad!  She doesn’t like to get up early like me and Mommy do!

I am guarding the New House!

We are going to travel some more today and then we will stop someplace called Nashville for two days.  Mommy says we will visit her friend, Stephanie.  I met Stephanie before and I like her.  She has a little dog the same size as me.  I wonder if we will be friends.  I’m not always friendly to Other Dogs but Mommy says I have to Learn to Get Along.  I don’t know what that means but I guess I will figure it out!

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