We Slept In A Zoo!

Last night we stayed in a zoo!  It was New Mexico and it is  called the Wildlife West Nature Park.  It’s a special kind of zoo, Mommy said.  They take care of wild animals that can’t live in the wild anymore.  Mommy said that I could not go for a walk with her and Auntie Debbie through the zoo because Dogs are Not Allowed!  But she and Auntie Debbie went for a walk and saw all the animals and told me all about them! 

Mommy said that the animals in this zoo are Rescued!  I am Rescued so I know what that means.  That means that they were Not Safe and now they have a Safe Home to live in!  Some of them are wild animals that people tried to make into pets.  I like to be a pet because I get spoiled and I get a soft bed and I get lots of good food, but I don’t think coyotes and foxes and hawks are supposed to be pets!  They are supposed to be Wild and Free!

This Coyote got TOO CLOSE to my Mommy, even if he was in a cage!

 Mommy said that the coyotes were really cute and friendly.  They came right up to the fence beside Mommy and Auntie Debbie.  I don’t think that is a Good Thing!  I don’t like Wild Animals right next to my Mommy!  The Zoo Lady said that the Coyotes were very Tame.   I don’t know if we would be friends, though! 

I’m glad this naughty bear has a safe place to live!

There was a bear at the zoo who has lived there for a Long Time!  When he was young, he kept getting into houseboats and the police were going to Put Him Down!  I don’t think that’s a good thing.  Mommy said that the zoo let him come live there so he could keep living but not get in Trouble!  I think that’s Good! 

This does not look comfortable to me!

There were some foxes at the zoo that like to sleep in trees!  I think that is Very Weird!  I like to sleep in my comfortable bed, not in a tree!  I would not like to have to climb a tree and balance on a branch in order to sleep, but I guess those foxes like it! 

Climbing a tree to find a bed? I’m glad I’m not a brown fox!

Mommy said that there were some very beautiful birds at the zoo.  Some of them used to be wild but people shot them!   I think that is Horrible!  But the Nice People at the zoo made them better and let them live at the zoo, even though they cannot fly anymore! 

This beautiful peregrine falcon lives at the zoo because she got hurt and couldn’t live in the wild anymore.

I like the people at this zoo!  I think that they are Wonderful because they take care of Animals who cannot be Wild anymore!  (And they let us sleep in their parking lot in the House-that-Comes-With-Us-In-The-Car!)


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