I thought I had better take this chance to introduce myself and my life and…my allergies.  My name is Diana.  I am an Army Veteran who served for ten years, with two tours to Iraq.  I have a little dog named Snickers.  He is half Australian Cattle Dog and half Miniature Schnauzer.  I rescued him before he was sent to a pound for being too hyper.  My vet found out his breed and said “Oh, crazy on top of manic…good mix!”  He’s a really good boy but very high energy.  He loves his blankie and loves people.  He in in classes for Nose Work and really enjoys his classes on Sunday afternoons.

So about the allergies/sensitivities…during my first tour in Iraq, I was exposed to the open burn pits at Balad Air Base and, as a result, have lung and allergy issues.  I have asthma and break out in hives a lot.  Additionally, I had a stomach surgery a couple of years ago that triggered some food sensitivities.  I have always been allergic to walnuts and bananas but over the past few years that has extended to all nuts, most seeds, and many fruits, including melon, papaya, kiwi, and their ilk.  I am also finding myself suddenly lactose intolerant (yes, that’s a thing, I asked my doctor).  I cannot eat anything that causes gas at all.  This means, no cruciferous vegetables and no legumes!  And, I don’t like rice or strawberries.  So my food choices are limited.  But I need to lose weight so I am going to use this blog to keep track of my eating, recipes that I try and my successes and failures.

And, I make marshmallows and other candy so I may add some posts about that as well.

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