Snickers Goes Hiking and Makes a Movie!

One of the lovely desert views from a hike with Uncle Lyle!

I got to go Hiking with my Mommy and My Uncle Lyle!  I love to go Hiking because I get to Sniff and Sniff everything!  Sometimes, I am really lucky and there is poop to Sniff!  Mommy doesn’t like it when I Sniff poop!  She says it is Nasty but I think it is Interesting!  I learn so many things about Other Animals when I Sniff their poop! 

Me and my PackPack!

When I go Hiking with Mommy and Uncle Lyle I have to wear my PackPack.  Mommy says that is the wrong word but I heard her say it so I Am Right.  My PackPack is orange.  Mommy says that it is Orange so that she can find me if I get Lost.  I will never get lost because I will never leave my Mommy.  I wear my PackPack so I can carry my own Snacks!  I like to carry Snacks because then I get to eat them when we get to where we are going.  The bad thing is that Mommy says I also have to carry my own poop if I go when we are hiking.  That is Not Fair!  I think it is Mommy’s job to carry poop!  Mommy and Uncle Lyle and I believe in “leave no trace” when we are hiking so it has to be carried out!  She carries the water and the First Aid kit so I guess I can carry the poop and My water dish and My Snacks!

When we are Hiking, Mommy makes me stop and Drink Water.  Sometimes I am Not Thirsty but Mommy always lets me have some, in case I want to have a Drink.  She worries, because we live in the Desert and she doesn’t want me to get Sick. 

This time, when we were hiking, Uncle Lyle had a camera and he was making a movie of our Hike!  It was really cool, especially when he took pictures of me because I am the Best Looking One!  After a little while, Uncle Lyle let me have his Camera!  I got to make the Movie and show Everyone how Much Fun I was having.  I got to watch lots of Bicycles go by and the People who were riding the Bicycles told Mommy and Uncle Lyle how Good Looking I am!  That is The Truth! Sometimes, when the Bicycles would try to go by, I would try to stay in the Middle of the Path and tell them You Shall Not Pass! Mommy and Uncle Lyle said things Did Not Go Well for the last person to say that so I should Get Out of the Way!

Some of the Prickly bushes where we Hike!

Sometimes, the Camera slipped and the movie got a Little Bit Wonky!  I think that is what makes it Fun! I am letting Uncle Lyle do the Editing so he will Fix It. He says he will put it on YouTube when it is done. I think I will be Famous!

While we were Hiking Down the Hill, Mommy fell down.  I tried to catch her but then I decided not to.  She would have Squished me! It is my job to Protect Mommy when we are Hiking.  She says it is Not My Job but I Disagree.  It is always My Job.  I try to make sure I know Where She Is all the time.  Sometimes, I try to walk Right Behind her leg to Make Sure! One time, when we were Hiking, she fell down on top of a Cactus. She had lots of Prickles in her leg and it was Not A Good Day! So now I have to watch her very carefully!

This is the kind of Cactus that Mommy fell down on! It’s called a Cholla Cactus and it has lots of Prickles!

Also, I found a dead Porcupine!  I was going to Sniff it to find out a lot of things.  But Uncle Lyle put his Hiking Pole right in front of my Nose!  That was So Rude!  Then Mommy pulled on my leash and made me Leave It.  I have to obey when Mommy says “Leave It” because that is a Rule.  Darn it! 

Making a Movie is so much work!

I was Very, Very Tired when we were done Hiking!  I slept in the car on the way Home and then I slept on Mommy’s bed for a Long Time.  It was so much fun Hiking with Uncle Lyle and Making a Movie.  I want to do it again!

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