Amaretto Marshmallows!

I make marshmallows. 

I make them in a variety of dessert flavors and for many different occasions.  I put them on sticks because people love treats on sticks!  

The other day, I was asked if I could make Amaretto flavored marshmallows.  I’m allergic to nuts so I usually don’t make any of my marshmallows with any kind of nut flavoring or garnish.  But I’ve been wanting to try some “adult beverage” flavored marshmallows for a while so I decided to experiment.  I replaced some of the water with Amaretto and the marshmallows “gelled” like they are supposed to.  However, because I am allergic to almonds, I was afraid to taste them!  Thanks to the internet, though, I found out that most Amaretto is made from apricot pits, not almonds.  Also, according to one of the articles I read, the amount of nut extract that makes it into any nut-based liquor is negligible and shouldn’t cause a reaction.  So, I decided that it was safe for me to taste them with my Epi-pen at the ready. No reaction to the tiny nibble I tasted!  They taste just like the beverage smells, so I think I got the flavor right.  For garnish, though, I wanted to emphasize the almond flavor as well as the apricot flavor of the beverage.  I crushed up some almond crisp cookies and some freeze-dried apricots and mixed them together to sprinkle on the marshmallows.  I wore gloves and a face mask and didn’t get itchy! The marshmallows are beautiful and, according to my team of taste testers, they are delicious!  img_1084.jpg

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